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Join Spice Manchester’s Activity, Adventure & Social group today.

For less than £3 a week you can start enjoying Spice.

Are you in your 30's, 40's, 50's or 60's? Do you want to get out more? Meet like-minded people, improve your social life, have fun and improve your health. Joining Spice will help you achieve all of this and more, it can help you make friends for life too!

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You can join SPICE on-line NOW using our Secure Payment Form by following one of the links below or call the office on 0161 864 3849.

Current Spice subscription fees (inc VAT)


Standard (Monthly Direct Debit)

£12 pcm Click Here

Couple (Monthly Direct Debit)

£18 pcm Click Here

Standard (Annual)

£144 per year Click Here

Couple (Annual)

£216 per year Click here

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