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Dining in Manchester - Spice Manchester Dining Club

Spice Manchester Dining Club

Spice Manchester Dining Club – The Best Dining Club in Manchester

Join Spice Manchester for the best dining club in Manchester where you will meet people and make new friends in and around Manchester. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or would just like to meet new people whilst enjoying a fantastic selection of great foods, Spice Manchester is the club for you. As a member of Spice Manchester you will expand your social circle and experience new restaurants. With Spice Manchester you can be in the city socialising whilst trying different types of cuisine.

Although Spice Manchester is the best dining club in Manchester, Spice Manchester is not just a dining club. We also have lots of other events such as bar tours, rock climbing, abseiling, theatre, cinema, sports, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, horse riding, poker training and tournaments, pub meets, cocktail nights, rambles and walking, holidays and weekends away and much, much more. So, why wait? Join Spice Manchester and you will expand your social circle, meet new people and make friends in and around Manchester.

The restaurants we visit are some of the best restaurants in Manchester and we have types of cuisine which will appeal to all people interested in all kinds of foods. You can meet like-minded members, expand your social circle and enjoy yourself in a relaxed environment. 

Here at Spice Manchester we pride ourselves on providing the opportunity to eat at the best restaurants possible. We provide numerous different types of cuisines in a range of different locations so members can experience everything there is to enjoy about restaurants. 

Joining Spice Manchester Dining club has a huge range of benefits!

Joining a dining club will not only provide you with the opportunity to expand your social circle and enjoy great company but you can experience new types of restaurants and food while having a brilliant time. 

Plus, as a member of Spice, if you attend 10 Spice Dines events and collect a sticker we give out on each event for your Spice Passport (Passport will be provided on your first restaurant), we will give you a free bottle of wine or a box of chocolates! 

For further information about all of the amazing events Spice Manchester have on offer request an information pack or begin your dining experience today and join online to start booking your events.