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Singles Club in Trafford

Spice Manchester singles clubs | Fun and sociable singles clubs in Trafford

The Spice Manchester singles clubs are not your average singles clubs.  In fact, we’re not really a singles club at all, however over 90% of our membership are single.  Consequently, we do organise an array of different nights out, activities and weekend breaks that are designed to help people like you make new friends, share interests and discover new hobbies.  So if you are looking for singles clubs in Trafford, Spice Manchester might just be what you’re after.

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Trafford singles clubs – the Spice Manchester alternative!

Our unique approach to providing entertaining and interesting activities means we are a great alternative to singles clubs in Trafford.  We offer a range of activities to suit everyone – from rambling and walking events to pub meets, bowling nights, music quizzes and wine tasting.  We also offer more adventurous leisure activities that really set us apart from the usual singles clubs in Trafford. These include:

  • Badminton Coaching

  • Lamborghini Thrill Day

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Abseiling for the Terrified

With over 100 events a month, we believe we are the best singles group in Trafford, without actually being exclusively a singles club!

To view all of the activities we organise, and see exactly why we are a great alternative to the usual Trafford singles clubs, visit our Events page.

As well as offering top-class activities that give you the chance to pursue hobbies and develop new interests, Spice Manchester is also a great alternative to Trafford singles clubs as there are many opportunities to meet and engage with like-minded people. 

To find out more about us, request our Information Pack.